14 8 / 2011

Wooow! what an eventful week it’s been! These riots started in Tottenham and ended..well everywhere BUT there! As I watched a number of debates on TV these last couple of days and listened to what others’ opinions were, I have come to develop my own.

Obviously, I think that what happened is wrong and not to offer excuses but I feel that there is a deeper underlying cause. However, you can only assume why people did it and not really know the full story. I think some did it out of anger/frustration directed at the government and the police force but I think a laaaaarrrge proportion just ‘jumped on the band-wagon’ to try and ‘out-do’ other cities. Others saw the opportunity to steal and took it and some did it due to peer pressure and who they hang around with as they feel like they belong so I really don’t think everyone was acting for the same reasons at all.

Although there was a mixed demographic, I know a lot of young people were involved in these riots which posed the question of ‘is it down to bad parenting?’ But it is kind of ironic when the government is implementing laws that don’t allow parents to discipline their children the way they feel is appropriate (not condoning abuse but a couple of smacks will suffice lol) or as I heard on the debate show, that they are allowing children of 13 the choice of taking the pill without parental consent then they are taking the power/authority away from the parents and giving it to the young people. Now, when the young people face authority within society such as at school, with police etc they feel like they now don’t have to listen because they have the power.

Society reflects what is going on in the home; if the home has authority, rules etc then they will carry that with them into the wider society and if there isn’t then…

But then that leads onto ‘what if they come from broken homes’? At the end of the day, that’s just another excuse. There could be a reason for everything if we thought long enough but it’s still not justifiable. Everything comes down to choice. You CHOOSE whether or not to take part in it, regardless of race, upbringing, class, gender etc.. I know loads of people that come from what they call ‘a disadvantaged’ background- I too would be classed under that but I/we choose not be part of it. I had a good upbringing from a single-parent mum who gave us morals, rules and was the authority figure. Then again one could argue that it comes back to parenting ..and so the cycle continues.

I think if the government restores the power back to the parents NOT the other way around, then we will see a difference. Like it or not, society needs that authority to stay in line..otherwise they gon’ lose they miiin’! lool

24 7 / 2011

Heeey Queens!

So.. Nijah and I had the amazing opportunity to perform at ‘LiveFest2011’ at O2 London. Renowned for being the biggest indoor festival, we also learned that we were the supporting acts for The Hoosiers and Tinchy Stryder!! Ermmm,  nervous much???!!

Obviously, I was nervous, Nijah tried to front like he wasn’t but I could see it in his eyes loool! Joking aside, although we were a bit anxious, you just have to tell yourself to get over it and perform to the best of your ability. 

 And also thanks to our family and friends that travelled all that way to support the ‘Soulace Music’ movement. We are so so grateful :)

J x

24 7 / 2011

Heeey Queens!

As you may already know, myself and Nijah have recently been performing in schools in Leicester. 

I love performing to young people, especially those at school because not only is it sooooo much fun, but it’s nice to know that you can help inspire them to pursue their dreams, whether it’s in music or other subjects. 

There’s so much negativity in music nowadays and it’s just great to be apart of something positive, that everyone can enjoy listening and dancing to! 

We really wanted to just ‘give-back’ to our hometown and just encourage the young people that no matter what area you grew up in, or the up-bringing you’ve had, you don’t have to let those circumstances predict your future.. you guys have the choice. :) 

And..that’s my sermon over lol

Thanks to our new friends at Stonehill, Fullhurst and my old school Sir Jonathan North. All you guys rock!

J x

11 5 / 2011

Heeey Queens!

On Monday May 9th my singles ‘Gone’ and ‘Fading’ were officially released for the world to hear and buy online via iTunes, Amazon and Play.com!
It felt wierd knowing that my music was now ‘out there’ and I feel like I’ve crossed a milestone- definitely a good feeling! Everything is coming together and I can start seeing that the hard work of all involved is paying off :)
Thanks to all of you that have supported me by buying the singles and spreading the word!
The journey has officially begun and I hope u guys stay with me for the ride :)
J x

10 5 / 2011

Heeey Queens!
So…the video shoot for my 1st single ‘Gone’ was GREAT! I really enjoyed the day.. Although I had red-eye (from waking up early not from weed- what y’all take me for?lol), had to wrestle with nature in the form of stinging nettles, brambles and these wierd flies! Then it decided to turn cold when I had to change into a dress when it had ALL DAY to be cold! But despite that the show had to go on lol.
Thanks to Sian for making the costumes, Stacey for doing my make-up (cos Looord KNOWS it wasnt about ‘au natural’ lmao), Eshe, Shenine, Nijah, LPK, and last but not least my guuurls Aearon and Dom (lol) the best producers/label an artist could work with :) . And with that, I’ll end it there before they start getting emotional all up on tumblr!
Look out for the video (May 16th)

J x

03 5 / 2011